White tooth fillings

White tooth fillings Adelaide

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Tooth-coloured fillings have been around for years now, but recent improvements in materials and techniques are taking tooth restoration to new levels.

Here, our Adelaide dentists look at the benefits of tooth coloured fillings.

What are white tooth fillings made from?

White tooth fillings, or composite resin fillings, are done using a kind of resin that bonds to the tooth.Like old-style amalgam (‘silver’) fillings, composite resin fillings are used to fix teeth that have decay. They can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth by reshaping them or improving their colour.

Composite resin fillings are generally more conservative on the tooth that amalgam fillings and thus allow more of the tooth to be preserved.The dentist can blend the composite resin filling to your tooth, making it look so natural that no one can tell there’s a filling there.

The majority of the time, doing a white tooth filling is a really straightforward procedure. We’ll usually pick up a problem during a check-up and if it’s easy or urgent, we’ll take care of it on the day. Otherwise, we’ll organise another session to do it.

Metal fillings vs white tooth fillings

Our practice doesn’t use amalgam fillings at all. Manufacturers of the latest white tooth filling materials are focusing on compressive strength, so this type of filling can take biting loads, especially on the back teeth. Thus, in addition to being useful for front teeth where appearance is of utmost importance, composite resin fillings can be used for back teeth where strength and durability are required.

Not just a filling for that hole in your tooth, composite resin fillings can be used to:

  • Change the size, colour or shape of teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Make teeth appear straighter
  • Strengthen worn-down edges resulting from teeth grinding
Tooth coloured fillings
Tooth coloured fillings are a safe alternative to silver amalgam fillings.

What’s the difference between a white tooth filling and a veneer?

Technically,a veneer is when a composite resin is used to cover the entire outer surface of the tooth, creating a‘false’ tooth. Essentially, it’s like a false fingernail – a thin layer of material that covers the underlying tooth. (Veneers can also be made out of porcelain.)

In the past, a composite resin veneer was applied in a uniform white, thick layer over the tooth, but now we use a new layering technique with a combination of modern materials to get really nice results, so no one can tell there’s a filling. It’s like building the different layers of a tooth back: one type of composite resin can be used to replicate the enamel of the tooth; another type can replicate the dentin (the second layer of the tooth); while another can do the edge of the tooth.

Each type is chosen for different properties, whether it’s strength or aesthetics.Now we can replicate all the different, subtle shades of a tooth – it’s not just plain white.

This is a technique not a lot of dentists do yet, but one that our dentists are devoting a lot of training to.

Why choose white tooth fillings

  • Natural looking. White tooth filling materials have evolved to a really high standard, so for any work in the front area of your mouth, they can look almost as good as the real thing.
  • Strong. Although not quite as tough as amalgam (metal) fillings, composite resins are getting close, especially those types used for the back teeth.
  • Quick. A white tooth filling can be done in one appointment, unlike a crown, which requires preparation and having to come back a second time to fit it.
  • Easy to repair. There’s usually no need to replace an entire white tooth filling. If there’s staining or decay around your white filling, the dentist can cut that out and re-do just that bit of the filling (unlike for a veneer, where the dentist would have to remove all of it and start again).
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White tooth fillings Adelaide

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White tooth fillings, also known as composite fillings, are made of a tooth-colored resin material that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

White tooth fillings can last many years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

Yes, white tooth fillings are safe and a popular choice for restoring decayed or damaged teeth due to their aesthetic appeal and durability.