Missing teeth

Missing teeth

Shephards Hill Dental February 2016-101One of the great things about dentistry today is that patients no longer have to put up with problems that in the past would have been difficult to fix.


Missing teeth cause functional and cosmetic problems

Missing teeth can be problematic from a number of perspectives. They can contribute to functional problems such as difficulty chewing or talking, or aesthetic concerns if the missing tooth is at the front of the mouth.

Patients no longer have to grin and bear missing teeth – solutions are available that mean you won’t have to compromise.


Dental implants and crowns – the gold standard

Dental implants have made it possible for people who suffered with missing teeth,or uncomfortable and poorly functioning dentures, to get a dental solution as close as possible to their own natural teeth.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically implanted in the patient’s jawbone. Once it has healed and integrated well with your bone, we then place a crown on top.

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre works in partnership with our specialist networkof dental surgeons in Adelaide to restore our patient’s missing teeth with dental implants and crowns.

From this point, dental implant patients care for their new teeth just as they would their own natural teeth. Good dental hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing, along with regular dental visits, will ensure you get many years of function and aesthetics from your new teeth.


Bridges and dentures

If you’ve had teeth extracted, or are missing teeth, then dental implants aren’t the only option available. There are different combinations of solutions, each with different pros, cons and costs, so it’s worth discussing with our dentists which solution will be best for you.

Dental bridges are one solution for people with missing teeth. Bridges consist of a false tooth that is anchoredto a crown placed on atooth or teeth either side of the gap,thereby bridging the gap.

Dentures are also an alternative for a missing tooth or teeth. Full or partial dentures can be made to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Some patients with missing teeth and false teeth have also chosen to have their dentures permanently anchored to the jaw using dental implants. This is a great solution for denture wearers who suffer from the annoying side-effects of dentures, such as loose dentures that don’t stay in place or function well for chewing, talking,etc.


Missing teeth Adelaide - what are your treatment options for missing teeth?
Our dentists and oral hygiene team are your partners in developing excellent and lifetime oral health.

Dental health is the key to overall health – dental care for life

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, our dentists and hygienists partner with all our patients to ensure you have a healthy mouth and smile for life. Our aim is that you won’t have to suffer from missing teeth and, if you do, then together we can work toward a solution that fits your life.

If you live in Adelaide and have missing teeth, call us on 08 8278 6858 to discuss these dental solutions. We can book you a consultation at our Blackwood dental practice, so you can find out what solutions might suit your situation.


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