Common Questions

Common Questions

Fissure Sealants is a method used in preventive restoration - We offer fissure sealants - Shepherds Hill Dental

Covid-19 Response: What are Level 3 restrictions?

What are Level 3 Restrictions: Under the Level 3 restrictions, Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Blackwood is permitted to look after patients suffering from acute, severe dental or soft tissue pain,  as well as patients who have suffered acute dental trauma to the front teeth.  We are also permitted to perform emergency dental work referred by a…

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At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre we offer a variety of treatment options to help repair a cracked tooth

Cracked tooth repair: 4 dental options

A cracked tooth often has functional implications. In the worst case scenario, you could end up having that tooth pulled out. But don’t worry – get to the dentist for now and we’ll do all we can to repair your tooth.

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Dentures Adelaide Missing teeth options

Ways to replace a missing tooth

Do you have a gappy or gummy smile because of missing teeth? We’ve come a long way with natural-looking options for replacing a single tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth. Lets look at the options…

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3 ways to prevent kids tooth decay

Have you read our article Tooth decay in children? It identifies the main reasons for kids tooth decay and the signs to look out for. Continuing this topic, we show you how to reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay.

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Tooth decay is prevalent in children, it is important to prevent kids from eating too much sugar

Tooth decay in children

Sugar is the number one preventable reason for tooth decay in children and other dental problems. A diet that contains a lot of sugar is the main factor contributing to tooth decay in kids but find out what you can do about it.

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Reasons for dental emergency care include cracked teeth and a knocked out tooth

Gum disease and other problems

Bleeding gums or receding gums? These are signs of gum problems that you want to stop before they result in advanced gum disease. Adelaide dentist explains about gum disease and related gum problems.

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Shephards Hill Dental February 2016-27

Could I have gingivitis?

Ignore these signs of gingivitis or periodontitis and your teeth might eventually fall out. Here’s how we can help combat gum disease at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Adelaide

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