Common Questions

Common Questions


Practice Update – South Australian Border re-opening November 2021

Hello patients and friends of Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, Following the borders opening in South Australia on the 23rd of November, Shepherds Hill Dental will be undertaking a number of extra steps to ensure we continue to look after the well-being of all of our patients. As part of our commitment to adhering to the latest ADA Covid guidelines,…

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Dr Jasper Lee, associate dentist discussing the use of digital dentistry with a patient

Why do I have bad breath?

Why do I have bad breath? Concerns about bad breath are a common query we encounter at SHDC.  Often patients become aware of it themselves or are alerted to it by their partner or friends.  It can be an embarrassing condition to talk about, but our dentists and hygienists at SHDC will be happy to…

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Should my child have braces?

Should my child have braces? The question of braces for children is a common one we encounter at SHDC.  The number of children having orthodontic treatment in Australia is growing by the year.  It can be tricky for parents to decide whether their children ought to.  Our dentists at SHDC can help with the planning….

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Do I need my wisdom teeth out?

Do I need my wisdom teeth out? Concerns around wisdom teeth are common amongst our teenage and young adult patients.  Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually emerge into the mouth when people are in their late teens to mid-twenties.  Do they always need to be removed? In short, not necessarily.  Some of us are very…

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Jaw pain and clicking

Jaw pain and clicking Sore and clicking jaws are a common problem with see at SHDC.  Patients will often present with jaw pain in their cheek muscles and jaw joints, sometimes accompanied by clicking or even locking of the jaw when they open and close, seemingly out of the blue!  We call problems of the…

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Dr Jasper Lee, associated dentist showing a young patient how to brush their teeth

Dental Trauma in Children

Dental trauma in children Most parents have experienced at some time or another, the stress of seeing their child knock their teeth and either fracture or loosen them.  Dental trauma in children can be stressful for the child and the parents.  It is important to ascertain the extent of the trauma soon after the incident,…

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An Occlusal Splint ready for a patient

Do I need a night guard?

Do I need a nightguard? Life through COVID has been hard. Adjusting to life through the pandemic, disruptions to work, school and family life have all had a big impact on us all. Dr Jasper Lee explains:   Dr Jasper Lee, associate dentist explaining an occlusal splint to a patient Did you know that it could... Read More

My Child has Chalky Teeth

My Child has Chalky Teeth – What do I do? A common concern we see our young patients present with, is chalky teeth.  Parents will often bring their children for a visit with us and express concern about opaque white patches on the child’s teeth, or sensitivity from such patches. Most of the time, the…

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Exterior of dental clinic with excellent wheelchair access


Following the lockdown restrictions in South Australia, we will be closing the practice until the 7-day lockdown is complete.  We expect to re-open on Wednesday the 28th of July, pending any further restrictions. Patients who have appointments booked during the next week will be contacted to confirm our closure, and to reschedule when we reopen. …

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Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Review

Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Review Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Sustainability in dental is a tricky thing: as dentists we need to balance what is beneficial for dental health, whilst trying to ensure that we leave the lowest footprint possible. Dr Jasper Lee explains:   My previous attempts at using more natural floss weren't... Read More
PRACTICE NOTICE: SA borders reopening - Latest guidelines from the ADALearn more