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At Shepherds Hill Dental, we believe your smile is your greatest asset - Cosmetic dentist AdelaideThinking about having your teeth ‘done’ but worried they’ll look fake? At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, we believe cosmetic dentistry should enhance the natural look of your teeth.

With so many options available – from simpler procedures such as teeth whitening and white tooth-coloured fillings to more extensive options like porcelain veneers or crowns – you’ll have plenty to selfie smile about!


Quick check – are you embarrassed about your teeth?

Because they are:

? Stained, yellow, look ‘dirty’…

The colour of your teeth can suffer from two main types of staining – either external staining from food, drinks(that coffee you grab every morning)and cigarettes, or intrinsic staining, which is staining within the teeth that may be caused during the development of the tooth, or when a tooth nerve has died and gone grey after root canal treatment.

Your problem teeth can be safely bleached, either externally or internally, to bring them back to a healthy, natural shade. We can talk to you about what works best for you – fast whitening in the dentist’s chair or self-bleaching with a kit you take home.

? Crowded, overlapping, crooked…

If we think your teeth are crooked and are best improved through straightening rather than through restorative treatment, we’ll refer you to an orthodontist who is specially trained and experienced in this.

? Chipped, uneven, damaged…

Is that little chip on your front tooth niggling you? Are your teeth kind of straight (you know you don’t need braces), but could they be a bit more even looking? Are the tips all different?

If you think of these cosmetic treatments as a ladder, the first rung would be a white tooth-coloured filling material called composite resin. The most common way to fix small imperfections like a chipped tooth, it’s really quite easy to do, relatively durable and very affordable. At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, our top choice is to use white fillings for cosmetic work, as you can get incredible results with a well-trained dentist.

The next step up the cosmetic dental ladder is a porcelain veneer, which is a thin ceramic shell that covers the front of a tooth. (But we find white fillings are so great that we’re doing fewer porcelain veneers.)

Our team are here to look after your general and cosmetic dental needs, ensuring you leave with a healthy smile that you are proud of for life.
Our team are here to look after your general and cosmetic dental needs, ensuring you leave with a healthy smile that you are proud of for life.

If a tooth needs both cosmetic and structural work,say it’s cracked,the third rung in performance and price is a crown. It not only has the function of holding the tooth together so it won’t break, as it covers the entire tooth, but it will also get it looking good again.

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