Updated Dental Recycling Guidelines


Thanks to all our patients and members of the Blackwood Community that have done their part for the environment by participating in our Terracycle Recycling Program. With your help we have collected over 3000 items (more than 75kg) of dental waste that can be repurposed into other products and has avoided going into landfill.
We wanted to give you an update on some changes to the Terracycle Program and your assistance in ensuring what is dropped off at the practice will be ready for recycling!


Oral Care Recycling Program

We accept all brands of the following:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps:
    • Remove the caps from the tube: terracycle will still accept the lids, but unscrewing them will aid the efficiency of the recycling process
    • Squeeze as much toothpaste out as possible
    • Cut the toothpaste container in half – there’s usually enough toothpaste in the part you can’t squeeze out for another week’s worth of brushing
    • Wash the remaining toothpaste out and dry before sending to us
  • Plastic Manual toothbrushes (all brands)
  • Electric toothbrush heads (all brands)
  • Floss containers
    • Please remove all unused floss first

Please handle separately

  • Cardboard + Plastic packaging
    • Separate cardboard from plastic and place in your kerbside recycling bin
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes
    • Cut the toothbrush head that contains the bristles off
    • Dispose of the head in landfill (bristles are made of plastic)
    • Dispose of the toothbrush handle in kerbside organics bin
  • Loose batteries
    • Aldi, Blackwood
  • e-Waste: Electric Toothbrush Body, Electric Toothbrush Chargers
Thanks for helping us make a difference!