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What to expect when you come in for your first visit?

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre you will receive a warm greeting from whoever is on the front desk when you come in.

Our reception is like a modern, comfortable lounge and not a typical waiting room.

With a non-clinical feel and a lovely water feature, we hope the first feeling you experience here is one of relaxation and ease.

We are here to help your first dentist visit be a truly positive experience. Dentist Blackwood


We recognise that your time is as valuable as ours

We are very mindful of the fact that most of us don’t like waiting too long at a dentist or doctor.

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre we value your time, so it is rare that we will run late for your appointment. In the rare cases where we may run late due to an emergency, we always openly communicate with you about what is happening.


Paperwork and a nice cup of tea?
If it is your first dentist visit to us, find our more about what to expect here
Dr Renee Ashby and Dr Tharaka Narayana give you all the options, alternatives and information that you need to make a confident and well informed decision about the dental treatment that is best for you. Find out more about them…

Naturally on your first appointment, and if you haven’t been in for a while, there can be some paperwork to do to ‘get to know you’ before you actually get to the dental chair.

Don’t worry, because this can be enjoyed with a lovely cup of tea or coffee from our coffee machine. There is always someone on hand to help you through this and when you make your first appointment we will tell you what to expect and how much time this medical history is likely to take.

Looking for a new dentist with a difference?

Have you just moved into the area or are just looking for a new dentist that you can have a better connection with? Perhaps you have always dreaded and put off your dental visits and are now looking for somewhere to be your trusted life-time dental partner?

If you are in pain we will get you out of pain. If you think there is a problem then we will find out if there is. More than this though, we aim to become your lifetime dental partner, and together we work towards you enjoying your own healthy teeth and beautiful smile for life.


Popcorn Anyone?

Video glasses #1Forget all about being at the dentist, and take a seat at the movies. Shepherds Hill Dental is now offering movies during your treatment.

Our video glasses are a great option for patients whose treatment requires them to be in the chair for a while, or for patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. They’re a great distraction and can help put you at ease. So sit back and relax! We’ll do the work, while you can enjoy the entertainment.


A non-clinical dental clinic?

When you step into our treatment rooms for your first visit the first thing most people comment on is how they don’t feel ‘sterile’ or ‘clinical’.

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights
At Shepherds Hill Dental we abide by the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

You can expect the latest modern dental devices, a high level of dental expertise and care, in the comfort of an architecturally designed room with plenty of natural light and a great view.

Our personal approach to you follows our values of integrity, excellence and care. We explain things in ways you can understand using pictures and photos. We know from experience that patients can trust in their dentist and their treatment advice a lot more easily when they can see what is being talked about and understand all the intricacies.

Our discussion with you is a step we NEVER rush. Gentle, caring, open communication gives you a feeling of empowerment and that you are in the driving seat with us as your trusted navigator. So if you are looking for a gentle dentist in Adelaide we invite you to come in and meet us for yourself.

Our holistic approach to your dental care

When planning with you we consider your history, your feelings and worries, your diet and lifestyle.

When we plan with our patients considering all of these other factors, which we have found leads to a greater chance of success.

Are you in pain? Severe tooth pain is horrible

You might have started off with a bit of a toothache that came and went. You probably hoped it would get better on it’s own. You might have been busy at work or with family commitments, thinking that you can deal with it later. But now that tooth pain has gone from 1 to 100 and you can’t think of anything else – you need to see a dentist.

Make sure that you feel comfortable if it is your first dentist visit. It is important that you are able to talk to and trust your dentist.

As a larger practice we are able to reserve a handful of emergency appointments in our books every day. They book out fast so if you are in pain we recommend you call us on 8278 6858 first thing in the morning so that we can get you in and get you out of pain.

Once you are out of pain, you will be able to think clearer and we then take more time to discuss the cause of the problems, your treatment options and proceed from there.


Looking for a dental partner who provides quality and care for you and your family?