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Whatever your reason for losing a tooth or several teeth, we understand that living without them can be difficult.

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, we’re committed to restoring your teeth so they look, feel and function as naturally as your own. Our friendly team will help you work out how to replace your teeth, what the best options are for your needs, how to minimise time without them and how to choose within a budget.

A denture is one of our many options available for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

What is a denture?

A denture is a replacement for a missing tooth, several missing teeth or a full set of lower or upper teeth.

Prosthetic teeth are attached to a removable denture plate made from acrylic. It is custom made to fit snugly on to your gums. Often called ‘false teeth’, we like to think of dentures as an affordable option to not having a tooth or teeth.

Dentures Adelaide Missing teeth don’t need to be a pain in the gum!
At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, taking care of you and your specific dental needs is our commitment.

What type of dentures are available to me?

  • Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain and only one, two or several teeth need to be replaced.
  • Complete dentures are required when a full set of upper or lower teeth are missing.
  • Immediate dentures are made prior to the tooth or teeth being removed. These are made when the patient simply can’t afford to be without a tooth or teeth straight after a planned extraction.
  • Implant retained (supported) dentures are possible using the technology of dental implants to secure dentures permanently, so that the denture is very firmly secured to the jaw.

What are the benefits of having dentures?

Once a tooth has been removed, bones and gums shrink over time. Gaps left behind can cause difficulty with eating and speech, and can result in aesthetic concerns.

Dentures are used to help with:

  • Chewing and biting
    Giving the power back to eating foods you want to enjoy.
  • Smile confidence
    Restoring the appearance of teeth, bringing back your natural-looking smile.
  • Supporting mouth cavity structure
    Optimising the healthy function of your existing teeth.
  • Temporary needs
    Offering an immediate replacement for missing teeth, particularly front teeth.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Providing a low-cost option for replacing missing teeth.

What’s the difference between dentures and dental implants?

  • Dentures are removable, while dental implants are fixed.
  • Dentures are usually considerably cheaper than implants and can be a cost-effective way of replacing multiple teeth.
  • They are made from different materials.

How do I know if dentures will work for me?

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, taking care of you and your specific dental needs is our commitment.

Several restorative options are available to you if you are missing a tooth or teeth, and we will work together to find the best solution for you. Our friendly team welcome you to discuss your dental needs at any time.

Dentures Adelaide

We invite you to meet our friendly team of Adelaide dentists to discuss your denture Adelaide
Are your dentures annoying you? Call us or come in for a consult and we’ll be happy to discuss ways we can help your dentures to fit and work better for you.

To begin the process, please give us a call on 08 8278 6858 to book a consultation or make an appointment online.

We invite you to meet our friendly team and discuss dentures as an option for your missing teeth.

Once the necessary moulds and X-rays are taken, the process of constructing the denture can take a few weeks. We use local technicians and always work with patients to ensure they get the highest standard of care.

Getting used to new dentures can sometimes be tricky, so we offer advice and care on how to adjust to life with dentures.



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