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Common Questions

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Should my child have braces?

Should my child have braces? The question of braces for children is a common one we encounter at SHDC.  The number of children having orthodontic treatment in Australia is growing by the year.  It can be tricky for parents to decide whether their children ought to.  Our dentists at SHDC can help with the planning….

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An Occlusal Splint ready for a patient

Do I need a night guard?

Do I need a nightguard? Life through COVID has been hard. Adjusting to life through the pandemic, disruptions to work, school and family life have all had a big impact on us all. Dr Jasper Lee explains:   Dr Jasper Lee, associate dentist explaining an occlusal splint to a patient Did you know that it could... Read More
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Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Review

Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Review Piksters Natural Silk Dental Floss Sustainability in dental is a tricky thing: as dentists we need to balance what is beneficial for dental health, whilst trying to ensure that we leave the lowest footprint possible. Dr Jasper Lee explains:   My previous attempts at using more natural floss weren't... Read More
Dr Jasper Lee, associated dentist showing a young patient how to brush their teeth

What’s more important: Brushing in the morning or night?

Skipping tooth brushing at night can be tempting if you’re already comfortable on the couch or in bed with Netflix, phone and glass of wine in hand. But having good regular dental habits is key in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Our family dentist Dr Jasper Lee explains why.   What’s recommended? The Australian…

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Reasons for dental emergency care include cracked teeth and a knocked out tooth

Gum disease and other problems

Bleeding gums or receding gums? These are signs of gum problems that you want to stop before they result in advanced gum disease. Adelaide dentist explains about gum disease and related gum problems.

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Could I have gingivitis?

Ignore these signs of gingivitis or periodontitis and your teeth might eventually fall out. Here’s how we can help combat gum disease at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Adelaide

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