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Our focus is on partnering with our patients to achieve long-term dental health and preventing dental problems.

Each of our spacious treatment rooms comes complete with a huge picture window with garden views and the latest in modern dental technology.

Our family centred practice was tailor-designed to help you and your family members feel at ease in a warm, caring and genuine environment, no matter what treatments are required.

Preventative and Diagnostic

Preventive dentistry includes preventing dental problems and disease in the first place.

Missing teeth

There are a range of options for both functional and cosmetic treatments.

Pain Management

Whether it’s a dull toothache that’s niggling you, or an unbearable throbbing pain, we can help you.


When teeth need to be rebuilt/restored or replaced we now have many options.

We’re all about making
people smile

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre we believe that high-quality dental care can only be delivered in a positive environment where all members of the team work together.

To achieve this, our team strives to ensure that your experience at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is always a positive one.

We are committed to continued excellence dental care. The values that govern our conduct and patient care approach are quality care, integrity and excellence. These continue the same values that many of our patients enjoyed under the founding dentists Adrian and Sue Gaffney.

Proud Members

We are a professional dental practice focused on dental health and the inclusivity of all members of our community.

As a member of the ADA, Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is committed to the improvement of the oral and general health of the public through our professional and skilled team.

As an Autism-Friendly Practice, we are committed to building capacity for social inclusion and participation for people with a disability within our community.

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The Latest.

Autism Friendly Dentistry – Shepherds Hill Dental

We are an Autism friendly environment accommodating the specific needs for quality dental care to the Autistic Community in Adelaide. Several of our staff members have family members who are autistic. As a practice we recognise that the dental environment can be an overwhelming space for neurodiverse people with specific sensory needs. Through our own…

Airflow Technology – Just one of the factors that separate our hygienists

The Shepherds Hill Dental Centre Hygienist team is equipped with the latest technology to support a deep dental clean. At the forefront of our toolkit is the NSK Varios Combi Pro. This devices uses ‘airflow technology’ to remove staining and plaque, thus improving the appearance and health of your teeth and gums. The tool uses…

An easy way to diagnose and treat Sleep Apnoea

Over 70% of Australians over 40 suffer from snoring, and for some patients, snoring is an indicator of Obstructive Sleep Apoea. Unfortunately, many cases of sleep apnea are undiagnosed as the referral pathway to get a sleep study is complicated and expensive. Also, many people find the sleep study process uncomfortable and complex. At Shepherds…

Sleep Apnea

Mandibular Advance Splints Are you waking up tired? Have you been struggling with snoring or tooth grinding? This might be a sign that you have a form of Sleep Disordered Breathing. One of the most common forms is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA happens when your airway is partially or completely blocked while you’re…

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