Don’t Scare the Dentist!

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We totally get it—going to the dentist can feel pretty daunting, especially for your little ones. Whether they’ve had a not-so-great experience before or it’s their first time facing all those new sights and sounds, it can be overwhelming.

But fear not! Helping your child understand what to expect at the dentist can work wonders in easing their anxiety. That’s where our wonderful children’s book, “Don’t Scare the Dentist,” comes in. Written by the ever-friendly Dr. Sam Smith, this book flips the script in the most delightful way: it’s the dentist who’s a bit jittery around young patients! With lots of humor, it takes kids through a typical dental visit and shows them how they can be superstars at the dentist’s office without frightening anyone.

Using stories like this before diving into new experiences gives children a roadmap of what to expect in the dentist’s chair. It’s especially fantastic for kiddos who might see the world a little differently and need some extra support understanding social situations and new sensations.

If you’re gearing up for your child’s next dental appointment and want to make it a breeze, we highly recommend reaching out to our lovely reception team to borrow a copy of “Don’t Scare the Dentist” to read together before the big day. Trust us, it’ll make all the difference!

And if you want to keep the smiles going at home, you can snag your very own copy from Big W or Amazon. Here’s the link:

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Happy reading—and here’s to stress-free dentist visits for your little ones! ✨