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Dental check up at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre

At Shepherds Hill Dental Centre our check-up and clean dental treatment is all about preventing painful and costly dental problems, detecting potential problems and stopping them in their tracks.


Should everyone have a 6 monthly dental check up?

We recommend dental check ups ever 6 months - dental check up Shepherds Hill DentalSix monthly dental check ups are the average timing we tell people but the truth is that everyone is different and once we get to know our patients we personalise our recommendations based on their dental health.

The frequency of your dental check up and clean appointments is based upon keeping each patients plaque levels low. This in turn will help to prevent gum disease, get rid of decay-causing bacteria and catching any problems early. For some people this will mean appointments every 3 months whilst for another it could be yearly.


What does the hygiene part of the appointment involve?

Our dental hygiene team are experts in cleaning your teeth and teaching you the best of 'in-home' practices to ensure you prevent dental problems long term.Your time with our hygienists will first involve an open discussion about any problems you may have. We will then do the scale and clean followed by a conversation that might include:

  • further preventive advice
  • toothbrushing techniques
  • flossing techniques
  • dietary advice for dental health
  • smoking and other dental decay prevention information

No matter how well you clean your teeth at home, there will always be areas were decay-causing bacteria will build up and the only way to get rid of this is with a dental scale and clean.

Regular dental cleans are essential to preventing tooth decay and detecting and treating gum disease.


What is involved in the dental check up part of the appointment?

Book your dental check up Shepherds Hill Dental nowYour dental check up with our Dentists firstly gives us a chance to get to know our patient. We will ask about and listen to any concerns, fears or problems that they may have. For many patients, this will include their medical history, previous treatments or bad experiences at the dentist, and their lifestyle wants and desires.

Secondly, we will examine inside the patient’s mouth, looking at their teeth and gums. We check soft tissues for any signs of oral cancer. Depending on the time since their last X-Ray we will do a digital X-Ray to assess decay in those difficult to reach areas.

It's important to book a dental check up every 6 months. Make an appointment for your dental check up - Shepherds Hill Dental
At the end of your examination we will explain your options, the associated costs and from there we develop a plan together.

During this stage of the dental examination we can use our Intra-Oral camera to bring each patient into the experience. Using this camera we can share what we see and find directly with our patient on screen. It’s a powerful way for patients to gain a full understanding of what is happening in their own mouth.

Finally after the examination we discuss with each patient what we have found, their options, the pros and cons, and the costs involved with each option. From this discussion we develop a collective plan.


Is it time for your next dental check up?

If its time for your next dental check up and clean then please come in to Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, meet us, and see if our approach to preventative dental health care fits what you are looking for. Call us on (08) 8278 6858 to find more about us or to book your appointment.


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