Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry

Fixing your teeth

Shephards Hill Dental is your Adelaide Dental practiceRestorative dentistry essentially covers any time where we’re rebuilding or replacing the lost part of a tooth’s structure. So, say you have a little decay or a small chip in one tooth, we’d clean out the decay then restore it with a tooth-coloured filling, or use this filling material to repair the chip.

It can be as simple as repairing one little thing in a tooth, to strengthening teeth to a full dental rehabilitation for people who have heavy-duty dental problems.


Making them look great!

Most of the time, restorative dentistry will improve the look of your teeth. While its primary purpose is to restore function, it has the added bonus of achieving a beautiful smile (cosmetic dentistry).


Adelaide dental – what we can do

When teeth need to be rebuilt or replaced, we now have many more alternatives than we did in the past. Here are the restorative treatments we offer at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre.

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