Who comes to Shepherds Hill Dental Centre

Who comes to Shepherds Hill Dental Centre?

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is not your average dental practice… so who are our patients, and whom do we cater for?

Our practice does not have a dry clinical atmosphere. Although we keep everything sterile and use modern dental technologies, entering our practice is more like being welcomed into someone’s home.

People who hate going to the dentist

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Whether you have a child or are someone who gets fearful at the thought of a dentist visit, our relaxed environment and gentle dentists will help you feel like you are always in control.

There are a great deal of people out there who get anxious or nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist. These ‘dental-phobes’ often had a bad or painful experience at the dentist when they were younger and as a result haven’t been to the dentist for a long time.

Our custom-designed practice was built from the ground up to be relaxing and spacious with lots of natural light. There are warm tapestries, paintings and artwork on the walls, beautiful gardens just outside our huge picture windows and we even have a water feature in the atrium.

This environment combined with our unique approach to you and your dental care nurtures, comforts and empowers our patients who used to hate or fear the dentist.


Mums looking for a lifelong family dentist as a partner in their kid’s dental care

With many dental-phobias originating in childhood, our relaxing atmosphere also focuses at putting our child patients (and thereby their parents) at ease. We don’t want our little patients to just tolerate the dentist – we want them to love coming here! A child’s attitude towards their dentist often mirrors their approach their own dental care, habits and routines at home.

Kids get to open the box at the end of their appointment and choose a toy reward for being a great patient.
Our famed Red Treasure Box

We have been proud caretakers of a big Red Treasure Box for many years now. Kids can open the box at the end of their appointment and choose a toy reward for being a great patient.

It’s been around for so long that we even have patients now in their 20s or 30s who still want to look into the Red Treasure Box just as they did when they were kids!


People looking for that extra inch of care

We are not just a ‘tick’ in your dental care ‘check-box’. As well as becoming your trusted lifelong partner in dental care, we want you to enjoy your visits and look forward to them.

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is a great place to be. We are easy to get to and centrally located. Our custom built car park offers a huge amount of easy parking on site. Our beautiful green gardens and surrounds make you feel at ease in nature.


Shephards Hill Dental Exterior February 2016_2Dentist with excellent wheelchair access

For patients with mobility concerns we offer a convenient disabled parking area. This car park is right near the front door which is wheelchair-friendly. Our toilet area and dental rooms are all easy to access and disability friendly. A number of our long term patients come in in their wheelchair so we are always more than happy to give a hand, have a chat and put you right at ease.

Still not sure if we are right for you? We invite you to call us or pop and meet us for yourself. Call our friendly team on 08 8278 6858 to arrange a time to come in and have a look around.


Looking for a dental partner who provides quality and care for you and your family?