Our Referral Network

Our referral network

With modern dentistry, there are so many ways we can help you maintain your teeth. While Dr Renee AshbyDr Tharaka Narayana and our team here at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre love to take care of your general day-to-day dental needs, there are times when more complex cases require us to work closely with practitioners who have special expertise in particular areas.

To ensure your treatment is of the highest standard,we have a close working relationship with some of the best dental specialists in Adelaide. Since 1974, we’ve been building and refining this referral network with tried-and-tested experts that, as you can see, we’ve worked with over a long time.

Dentist Adelaide – looking after your teeth with you

We take an ethical approach to dentistry. If it’s in your best interest to see a specialist, we’ll discuss that option with you. If it’s a difficult procedure that we can’t do in our clinic and we believe it would be best handled by a specialist, we’ll send you to one who’s work we know and trust. Most of our patients appreciate us being honest – that’s what it really comes down to.

Why we’d send you to a specialist

Oral surgeon

  • To take out wisdom teeth – if you have a case of stubborn wisdom teeth, we’ll send you to an oral surgeon for extraction instead of doing them here.
  • When you require dental implants, these will be placed into the jaw by an oral surgeon (or periodontist). Later, our dentists will do the restorative dentistry in partnership with the specialist.
  • We have a visiting oral surgeon, Dr Ryan Cornish, who consults with patients at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre for your convenience.


  • If you have complex gum disease that’s beyond the scope of the dental hygienist, we’ll send you to a periodontist (that’s a dentist who’s specialised in gums and how they affect your teeth) for a course of care. Then you’ll return to us for ongoing maintenance.


  • A difficult root canal treatment might be referred to an endodontist (a dentist who has done extra years of training to perform procedures that involve the inside of your tooth structure).

Paediatric dentist

  • For children who might need a lot of complex dental work done, it wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest to do it here ‘in the chair’ – whether it’s because they’re too young, they have a medical condition or they have special needs. In these cases, we’d send them to a paediatric dentist who specialises in looking after kids’ teeth and oral health.


  • If you or your children require orthodontic work, we also have long-standing links with local orthodontists to offer you these treatments.

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A dental referral network is a group of specialized dental professionals who collaborate to provide comprehensive care for complex dental issues.

You may need a referral for specialized treatments such as orthodontics, oral surgery, or advanced periodontal care that require expertise beyond general dentistry.

Your general dentist will assess your needs and provide a referral to the appropriate specialist within our trusted network.