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If you’re in pain, we’re here for you

Do you have toothache pain or are experiencing throbbing pain? Need pain management - Shepherds Hill Dental is here for you. Whether it’s a dull toothache that’s niggling you, or an unbearable throbbing pain that you just can’t take any longer, it’s important to seek dental care straightaway.

Call us on 08 8278 6858  if your dental pain is in the ‘emergency’ category.

If you have had a dental emergency or accident check our guide to dental first-aid.


The degrees of toothache pain

Dental pain can vary in its severity depending on the problem. At the low end of the dental pain scale, it could be a dull, intermittent ache or mild sensitivity while you’re having a cup of tea. At the other end of the pain spectrum, the pain can be so excruciating that you can’t function or think of anything else.

Dental pain can sometimes progress slowly or, in other cases, go from 0 to 100 overnight. Regardless of the type of pain or how quickly it develops, it’s important to see the dentist as soon as possible to ensure that it’s eased and before things worsen. Pain medication may mask it for a while, but eventually toothache can become too strong for this and will require emergency treatment.

We encourage patients to come in sooner rather than later, as we can usually offer more options to deal with a problem the earlier we catch it, and to ensure no one is putting up with unnecessary pain.


The pain from a cracked tooth

We’ll often see patients who have fillings in their teeth, who then crack or break that tooth, causing a great deal of pain. Sometimes cracks develop in a heavily filled tooth after years of bearing load and these can cause sharp pain on biting. Other times, the crack may spread in such a way that a portion of the tooth actually breaks off when biting into something.

It is important to see the dentist straightaway if you suspect a cracked tooth, ideally before a portion breaks off, and definitely after it does. The sooner a broken or cracked tooth is attended to, the better the outcome can be.


The pain from a dental abscess

There are different types of pain from a dental abscess – some can grow slowly and steadily, whereas others can progress to a severe level of dental pain very quickly.

In any case, abscesses are serious infections that can result when a nerve inside the tooth dies and becomes infected. If left untreated, they can lead to severe pain and may even result in hospitalisation, so it’s important to come and see us as soon as you can if you suspect you have one.


Does toothache pain always mean I need to have the tooth extracted?

Need pain management - Shepherds Hill Dental. We offer a variety of treatments to help soothe your pain.
When your child says they have a toothache, it is difficult as a parent to know how severe the problem actually is. This is why visiting us sooner rather than later is recommended.

Some patients who come in with a severe toothache believe that having the tooth extracted is inevitable. However, as the solutions for replacing missing teeth are both expensive and functionally worse than your own natural teeth, we’ll do our utmost to save your tooth, if this is your choice.

In these days of modern dentistry, saving teeth using root canal therapy is not the painful and traumatic experience that many people used to associate it with. Naturally, we’ll discuss your options so you can make the best decision for your future dental health.


The pain after a tooth extraction

Post-operative pain that may be experienced depends on the complexity of the tooth extraction, so we plan it well to make sure it’s within our scope and can be done in our practice. We explain more here.

My child’s tooth hurts

It’s tricky for parents when their child says their tooth hurts. It’s often difficult for children to describe pain clearly to their parents, and for parents to know how serious it might be, nor how long they might have been experiencing problems. Given that children can experience painful cavities and abscesses just like adults, it’s important to bring them to the dentist if they say they’re experiencing dental pain.

We recommend you bring your child in for visits with our dentists for regular check ups, rather than only when pain arises. It’s much better to have a fun trip to the dentist and find nothing, as opposed to leaving an infection or dental problem that could worsen with time.

If your child is fearful of the dentist, then the relaxed, non-rushed atmosphere of Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Blackwood might be just right for them.


Need Pain Management – Shepherds Hill Dental: appointments and out of hours advice

If you’re in pain we’re here for you

If you’re in pain, call us on 08 8278 6858 and notify our friendly reception staff that you’re in pain.

After-hours emergency dental treatment is available through the Australian Dental Association Emergency Service on 08 8272 8111, which operates between 5pm-9pm weeknights and 9am-9pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


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