Autism Friendly Dentistry – Shepherds Hill Dental

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We are an Autism friendly environment accommodating the specific needs for quality dental care to the Autistic Community in Adelaide.

Several of our staff members have family members who are autistic. As a practice we recognise that the dental environment can be an overwhelming space for neurodiverse people with specific sensory needs. Through our own experience of treating our family and neurodiverse patients in the Mitcham Hills area, we realised that we can provide an inclusive environment to autistic people by tailoring our environment to reduce anxiety, consider sensory loads, and provide specific accommodations to make dental care as equitable and stress free as possible.

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is proud to have partnered with Autism SA to be certified as an Autism friendly dental practice:

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Our autism-inclusive practices include: 

  • Autism aware staff
  • Clear, organised spaces
  • No hairdryers used
  • No wait sessions, in car park check-in
  • Quiet times
  • Sensory tools available: virtual reality headsets, ear muffs, weighted blankets, fidget toys
  • Wide passage or walkways

We recognise that the experience of Autistic people are never the same, so please contact our practice on (08) 8278 6858 on how we can best cater for your specific needs during your appointment with us. Book your next appointment.