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Dr Ryan Cornish - Dentists Blackwood Adelaide

Dr Ryan Cornish

Dr Ryan Cornish has a strong interest and significant clinical experience in both Oral Surgery (extractions) and Oral Pathology.

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Dr Renee Ashby discusses the 4 dental options for replacing a cracked tooth

Dr Renee Ashby

Dr Renee Ashby started at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Jan 2009 working with the original owners Drs Adrian and Susan Gaffney.

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Adelaide dentist Dr Tharaka discusses the options for people replacing missing teeth

Dr Tharaka Narayana

Dr Tharaka Narayana joined Dr Renee Ashby as a partner dentist at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in 2014. Tharaka completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery, graduating with first class honours, at Adelaide University in 2006.

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Leean Dental Hygienist Blackwood

Leean King

Leean King graduated from Dental Hygiene in Adelaide in 1994 and joined the Shepherds Hill Dental Centre team in 2011.

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Jenny Dental Hygienist Blackwood

Jenny Both

Jenny Both has been with Shepherds Hill Dental since 1999, taking time off in between to be with her husband who has worked in Canberra, the UK and most recently New Delhi. They have two adult children.

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Dr Linda Curl is our orthodontic specialist - Orthodontist adelaide

Dr Linda Curl

Dr Linda Curl joined the dental team at Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in 2016. With a specialist Orthodontist now within our Blackwood practice, patients no longer need to be referred out or travel to a new location for their specialist Orthodontic treatment.

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Natalie Dental Practice Manager Blackwood


Meet Shepherds Hill Dental Centre’s practice manager Natalie Affectionately known to colleagues and patients as Nat, she is in many ways the ‘Lynchpin’ of our practice! Nat has been with Shepherds Hill Dental Centre for around 28 years so she knows the world of dentistry, our patients and their families inside out. She has watched…

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