Dental anxiety

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Reasons for dental emergency care include cracked teeth and a knocked out tooth

Dental anxiety is a very common condition.  It can be a barrier to patients seeking dental care.

At SHDC we understand that many patients have dental anxiety.  We wish for all of our patients to see coming to the dentist as a normal, non-stressful event and our approach is tailored towards this.  Patients always tell us that the surgery itself with its large windows, gardens views, water feature and soft ambient music, very relaxing.  Our staff are understanding and can offer aides such as video glasses, stress balls or nitrous oxide sedation to help nervous patients feel calm for their visits.  Most patients find that after a session or two, their anxiety disappears, as the clinicians and staff are like family, and committed to helping them feel at home.

If you feel like your anxiety is stopping you from seeking care, give us a call on 8278 6858.  Our dentists and hygienists are professional and understanding, and all of our reception and nursing staff are warm and kind and will make you feel welcome and understood.



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