Covid-19 Response: What are Level 3 restrictions?

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What are Level 3 Restrictions:

Under the Level 3 restrictions, Shepherds Hill Dental Centre in Blackwood is permitted to look after patients suffering from acute, severe dental or soft tissue pain,  as well as patients who have suffered acute dental trauma to the front teeth.  We are also permitted to perform emergency dental work referred by a medical practitioner, and perform emergency work on patients with complex medical histories where their medical health could be compromised.

As part of these restrictions, all routine dental work such as preventive hygiene visits, routine pre-planned fillings, crowns, implants and denture work have to be deferred.

We will ensure that we look after the emergency needs of our community while these restrictions are in place.  We understand that these restrictions mean that many of our patients may be in discomfort as their needs do no meet the eligibility criteria.  We also appreciate that we are not able to work in accordance with our philosophy of preventive care and that dental concerns that we would usually be able to resolve, may escalate during this period.

Please call us with any concerns you may have during this period.  Our team are here to help.  We look forward to caring for our patients and the Blackwood community in an unrestricted manner when the Covid 19 situation is under control.  Please stay safe.

The SHDC team