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COVID-19 Response from Shepherds Hill Dental.

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre is pleased to announce that Level 2 restrictions have been lifted, and we are now performing all of our regular treatment!

We are back to our regular hours and our hygienists are back on board too. If you had to defer any planned treatment while we were on restrictions and would like to schedule a visit, please give us a call on 8278 6858.

Shepherds Hill Dental Centre has been an accredited dental practice for many years, following the highest level of infection control and quality of dental treatment. We will continue to maintain this high level of care as we manage our practice moving forward.

Our commitment to your health and safety at SHDC includes:

– Where possible, using single-use materials and equipment, and sterilizing of all other equipment to the highest standards.z
– Disinfecting of all treatment surfaces after every patient, and disinfecting our waiting and reception areas.
– Daily oversight from our management and clinical teams to ensure we are proactive in our approach.
– Ensuring hand sanitiser/soap and water facilities are accessible for every patient.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Renee, Tharaka and the SHDC.


We have returned to normal hours and now performing all regular treatmentsLearn More
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